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the HUB

At the heart of Deeo is the HUB.

Based in the UK in a Tier4 datacentre, the HUB is a suite of Deeo owned technology that consists of high-specification secure servers and a private backed up data storage. From these servers, at present, we have the capability to deploy – in minutes - up to 200 high specification “Virtual” workstations for our designers and engineers to use.

Servers with a graphic of a cloud and various PC components

Wherever and Whenever

Our team connect from their or your location to their powerful workstation in the HUB, via a secure encrypted connection. Once logged in, they complete their work together with other Deeo team members in a controlled and secure way. Your team can work with us on the HUB too, a true collaborative place to work. This unique way of working takes away many inefficiencies in working with forward thinking clients.
A line of server racks with an engineer’s hands

Single source of truth

All the data created or modified stays in the HUB at ALL time. No data is transferred to local machines. This means multiple members of the project team can work on one master dataset – safe in the knowledge they are working on the latest development. No more out of date co-ordination required, real-time design from multiple locations is key to ensuring a successful project.
The HUB frees up our team, at all levels, to work anywhere, anytime, while our processes ensure that we have the cohesion, consistency and control to bring you the best results.

To find out more about the HUB, don’t hesitate to ask? We are proud of our achievement and love to demonstrate how we can collaboratively work together from one place – the HUB.

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