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Deeo are physically located in the centre of the UK, but it's more accurate to say that we are anywhere and everywhere, with a team of experts in multiple locations, and a 'virtual design office' where it all comes together.

We have re-invented the way we deliver our services and solutions, to be a true extension of their business or authority - focused on delivering with you the most appropriate solution to the project.
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We are not tied to specific hardware or software vendor, we either work with the same software as you do – to ensure a seamless delivery – or the best solution that we know will over deliver your expectations. We can also advise on hardware and infrastructure transformation to maximise your capabilities! Our team are multi-platform trained so they bring huge industry experience and the right tools to deliver you the best solution.
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Is Remote Lonely

The fact that all our work takes place in a single virtual location - the HUB - radically increases our productivity. Only one master design is developed so there is no duplication of work or competing iterations. “But doesn't the virtual nature of working this way mean that team members are disconnected from one another and unable to communicate properly”? The answer is a resounding NO. Working in this way vastly improves communication.
All of the services we provide require a collaborative process - but we don't have to be in the same real-world location to communicate. In the HUB, everyone is connected all the time. All able to communicate via video and voice calls, instant messaging - users can even hand over control of their screen to other team members for joint working. As everything takes place within the HUB, all communications are recordable and measurable, allowing project leaders to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies easily.

Whether our team or yours are physically together, on location, at our Head Office or working remotely – we are always working together from one emerging project on the HUB. A true infinity scalable extension of your team – a true Digital Design Partner.

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